Dan Macherel

… developed a passion for Tec diving in his early twenties, which has taken him underwater all around the world. Dan has dived in crystal clear waters ranging from tropical to single-digit temperatures, and from strong currents to murky contaminated waters.

His broad experience acquired over the years includes offshore commercial diving in hot water suits as an ADAS part 3 SSBA diver, onshore underwater welding & concreting, helicopter deplaning as a safety diver and more.

As a certified diver on numerous rebreathers, Dan is also an OC and CCR Trimix Instructor with multiple training organisations. Dan progressed to become a Course Director, teaching divers and instructors throughout Asia Pacific.

With significant practice, Dan has acquired extensive knowledge on the use of drysuits and equipment, and knows how important it is to have the right gear for the task. His goal is to help others by sharing what he has learnt.