When your drysuit needs are specific, you need a suit and maintenance program that is tailored to you. Altalena extends outside of the catalogue scope… (continued)… to provide customised products and market-leading service. This includes minor adjustments and major work adapted to your applications whilst maintaining compliance with standards. Liaising closely with the manufacturer facilitates our ability to work with you to develop a customised prototype drysuit for professional testing in the field.


You know the application and we know the vast variety of products. Together we can identify the best drysuit options. Altalena listens and helps you make informed decisions. … (continued)… Through an accumulated expertise in manufacturing techniques, material and component options, industry standards and use of drysuits, Altalena provides reliable advice and guidance to help you identify your product needs.

In addition, we share our technical knowledge and recommendations with manufacturers for continuous product improvement.

How do you want your drysuit to fit?

Finding clothes that fit easily in a store usually means a stock drysuit will fit. Those needing length adjustments can opt for a custom-fit or custom-fit wide drysuit. But those with specific fit needs may require a made-to-measure drysuit and even further alterations.

Choose from our stock of drysuits available for immediate delivery. In-house trained staff can measure a suit to size, and have a custom-fit ready within days… (continued)… or made-to-measure manufactured at the factory.

Add your desired seal and boot options, completed in-house then sent directly to you. We offer you our recommendations based on your intended application. Our service capabilities as an Australian & New Zealand distributor allow for phenomenal reductions in lead-time.

Should you be an experienced drysuit diver or a beginner, a sailor or a helicopter pilot we can measure you up for the perfect fit. You can also visit one of our trained dealers around Australia to get measured and get some recommendations whilst seeing a suit in person.

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Breathing Systems & Accessories

We stock the full range of Poseidon OC regulators, rebreathers, rebreather accessories and replacement parts.

Supporting the safety of emergency personnel, we offer Emergency Breathing Systems, designed for helicopter pilots, passengers and crew.

Gas Fills & Consumables

The store is equipped with a state-of-the-art compressor using continuous flow and membrane, allowing storage of gases in 20 banks. The premixed gases are either ready to be boosted into your own cylinders or available to fill rental cylinders from 2 to 15 litres.

Altalena stocks Molecular Products including Sofnolime 797.

Poseidon Regulators & CCR Service

After the initial inspection we provide you with a detailed quote listing periodic service kit parts and any additional parts required. Upon quote approval the equipment is serviced.

During service we replace all damaged or worn parts with genuine parts according to the Poseidon Diving Systems service technician manual. We stock an extensive range of parts and receive regular shipments from Sweden.

Generally maintenance service on breathing systems should be performed about once every hundred dives or biennially (every two years), whichever comes first.

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Drysuit Service

Altalena repairs all makes of drysuits and is an approved warranty facility for leading brands. We respond to tasks ranging from regular maintenance to critical repairs… (continued)… , and from annual checks of recreational equipment to regular inspection of survival suits with WHS-compliant certificates.

We offer tailored services and maintenance programs to enhance the value of your equipment. By providing a choice of servicing timeframes, you can choose the frequency and the right service specific to your needs.

Our technicians work thoroughly to repair every suit to restore their watertightness. This includes completely removing all old components and not just bonding the replacement over the old. Even if the suit has previously been repaired by someone else and old components are found under the existing, our technicians will also remove these.

We test all drysuits to the relevant EN or ISO standards in a controlled environment before washing and drying them either naturally or in our heated room.

See servicing options and download a Drysuit Service Form

Drysuit Modifications & Alterations

Upgrade glued-on seals to systems with user-replaceable neck and wrist seals, convert boots to socks, shorten and tailor drysuit length… (continued)… , change zipper, add a P-valve or P-zip. Using ultrasonic welding machines and industrial sewing machines, we have you covered. Alterations are done in-house using state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and materials with on-hand stock of parts.

Technician Training Courses

As the sole Australian distributor for Poseidon Diving Systems we are authorised by the manufacturer to run Poseidon Service Technician courses. Our courses cover Poseidon regulators, Full Face Mask, EBS and rebreathers. We also stock Poseidon purpose-built tools and we are a Hazet & PB Swiss Tools dealer.

Poseidon Service Technician Training

Being an innovative company, Poseidon’s high quality products are continuously evolving. This requires Poseidon Service Technicians to be kept informed of the latest guidelines, functionalities and correct service techniques for the Poseidon products they are servicing at the standards required by Poseidon Sweden. Altalena runs the Poseidon Service Technician Training Program to ensure certification currency and to maintain the best possible ongoing after-sales support for Poseidon.

Diving Courses

Altalena offers:

  • CCR training for a variety of units including Poseidon, Inspiration Vision and JJ-CCR
  • Open Circuit courses for Drysuit, Tec diving, Trimix and Advanced Trimix

Parts & Accessories

We stock:

  • over 200 types of seals from various seal manufacturers
  • She-P products
  • the full range of Si Tech drysuit parts, seals and user replaceable systems
  • Apeks/Aqualung drysuit components & spare parts
  • YKK plastic & metal zippers in different lengths
  • special adhesives, tapes and consumables
  • drysuit care products
  • the full range of Poseidon service kits, and parts including rebreather parts