Altalena is an authorised Poseidon Diving Systems service centre. We service Poseidon closed circuit rebreathers, regulators and emergency breathing systems.

Poseidon rebreathers must be serviced by a qualified authorised Poseidon Service Centre to make any necessary repairs or adjustments at least once every two years, with a maximum interval of 104 weeks. The service due date can be seen on the display during the pre-dive procedure and through the RB Config tool for Windows or Mac OSx.

Complete breathing system service includes:

  • Rebreather diagnostic
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of all components for wear or damage
  • Oxygen and diluent first stage servicing
  • Replacement of all O-rings according to the manufacturer’s requirements
  • ADV/BOV mouthpiece servicing
  • Latest Firmware update
  • Complete testing process to manufacturer’s specification
  • Factory service interval countdown clock reset
  • Service report
  • Is your equipment in need of some care and maintenance?


Service Details

Servicing cost includes all labour and replacement of all recommended periodic service kit parts to manufacturer’s specification. All replacement parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Poseidon supplied.

As a qualified Poseidon Service Centre, Altalena is required by Poseidon to replace all damaged or worn pieces with their genuine parts according to the manufacturer specifications guidelines. If other parts are required, we will contact you prior to proceeding further. Parts requiring replacement and not included in the recommended periodic service kit will be charged separately.

Poseidon Regulators & CCR Service Form

  1. Download the Poseidon Service Form
  2. Fill and sign your form
  3. Submit your completed form either:
    • via our contact page
    • by using the green button on form (Adobe Reader)
    • or email it to service(at)altalena.com.au
  4. Also print your completed form to include in the box with your equipment
  5. Print a shipping label to affix to your box


Renew your certification to stay up-to-date with Poseidon’s current standard requirements