Ursuit® AWS ResQ, a modified version of the AWS, is a one-piece drysuit designed initially for volunteer firefighters in need of quick dispatch suits, and is used in surface rescue and by emergency services. The AWS ResQ targets personnel who require comfort in strenuous situations, while keeping the suit’s design simple. The unique structure of the shoulder and chest area is ergonomically designed to provide unrestricted range of motion.

The AWS ResQ is a constant-wear, non-insulated immersion suit made of breathable waterproof 4-Tex® material, using patented seam construction for smooth and durable watertight finishes.

It features neck and wrist seals made of warm & comfortable elastic neoprene, reflective detailing for marine safety, and reinforcement in high-wear areas.

– Warm & comfortable stretch neoprene neck and wrist seals

– Front entry waterproof zipper for easy self donning and doffing

– Durable SOLAS reflective tape on wrists, shoulders, knees and back complying to marine directives

– High performance SiTech outlet valve

– Integrated suspenders

– Adjustable crotch strap

– Large thigh pocket

– Waterproof sleeve pocket

– Additional reinforcements on elbows, knees and seat area extends the lifetime of the suit

– Integrated socks gives user the option of wearing shoes that best fit their needs

Manufactured to ISO15027 standards, CE approved suit.

The AWS ResQ is available in various cuts and sizes, and can be made to measure:

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, Made to Measure

XS, S, M, L, Made to Measure

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