Sea Horse SAR Drysuit

Sea Horse SAR professional-grade suit

Exceptional quality and unmatched durability

The non-insulated Ursuit® Sea Horse SAR (5020II) is a professional-grade suit designed for heavy use. It has been selected by defence forces, border guards, sea rescue associations, and merchant vessels in various European countries. This suit is built to last and meets the needs of professionals who require top-notch performance. With its exceptional quality and unmatched durability, you can rely on the Sea Horse SAR to keep you dry and secure, even in the most extreme conditions.

Not only this suit is ideal for open sea conditions and but also is considered the best among all the immersion suits available in the market. The Gore Tex® fabric with its ePTFE membrane, allows vapour to pass through but is waterproof. The double seams and heat seal tapes ensure that the suit is 100% watertight. The dry zipper is placed in such a way that it does not cause discomfort when sitting or moving around. The suspenders and crotch strap keep the suit in place. This ergonomically designed suit accommodates people of different heights.

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, MTM


Sea Horse SAR Features

Ursuit’s ergonomic designs are geared towards professionals and result in a highly capable product, enhancing workability in harsh conditions

  • Fully waterproof breathable Gore-Tex® fabric with ePTFE membrane

  • Double seams constructed for high-wear use, and are heat seal taped and reinforced to be 100% watertight

  • The diagonal dry metal zipper opens from the right hip up to the left shoulder. The position and opening direction of the zipper is designed to be unnoticeable when sitting and moving around.

  • Telescopic torso  – Integrated suspenders keep the trouser part up, as the crotch strap keeps the upper part down. Allows for much more uninterrupted freedom of movement compared to a traditional overall.

  • Persons of different height can use the same suit without the ergonomic features being weakened.

  • The comfortable neck seal and wrist seals are a 2.5 mm super stretch neoprene, keeping you warm, and making it easy to dress and undress.

  • Thigh, chest and sleeve pockets

  • Includes a bag, neoprene gloves, neoprene hood and a beanie.

  • Option to choose your boot type: PU boot, PU safety boot, compressed neoprene sock, sock of suit material.

ISO 15027

Optional Extra

Thermal protection increases from 1 to 6 hours when combining Sea Horse SAR with Ursuit Thermofill Heavy undergarment.

Sea Horse SAR 6 hours thermal protection

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